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Count Zero

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

By William Gibson


Count Zero

Count Zero


Count Zero is the second of Gibson’s “Sprawl Trilogy” and the follow up to his bestseller Neuromancer. Published in 1986 it uncannily predicts much of what is now either reality or reality tomorrow (whenever tomorrow comes):

1. The Matrix – the Read, Write Web

2. Virtual Reality – a la Second Life

3. Sensory link – A combination of virtual reality and 3D holographic video

4. Sense net – the next evolution of reality TV, where you inhabit the senses of the characters

5. The evolution of AI on the net being explained via religious paradigm

6. The evolution of the exceedingly rich from the plain of physical human reality

A truly inspiring read – and a rattling good thriller set in a future on the edges of our peripheral vision today.




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